Teamwork makes the dream work

Strategy Planning

At NxtGen Branding, we don’t just stop at graphics and campaign creations.  We go the extra mile with our clients and help strategize partnerships with other companies and everything marketing.


Formulating partnerships is an incredible way for businesses to increase their brand exposure and reputation.  We work with businesses to formulate a strategic plan, and identify companies either within or outside of their industry to form relationships with.  We help strategize the proposals and how each side will gain value from the partnership.  

An example of this could be a hair salon partnering with a clothing salon that has a similar perception.


Throughout the partnership we will create proposals and assist throughout the term of the partnership.  We can create flyers, posters, run marketing campaigns showing the relationships and make sure our clients see results. 


We have a sales rep with our company with over 15 years of sales experience.  She is dedicated to taking care of parts of business that often people find to be the most challenging part… Sales!

We will personally make sure you get the results you want when we work together.  We can provide sales coaching, cold calling, door to door sales and any type of sale service for our clients.  The reason we include a sales rep with our company is to ensure the strategic partnerships run smoothly and both parties see the benefits to the relationship