Brand Audits

Stay one step ahead of your competition

Key Words

One part of the audit includes looking at the key word searches for your specific industry.  We have the ability to identify exactly what keywords your customers are searching on google, the price for the key words as well as the volume in which the keywords are used.  We can look at the words your competitors are paying for which allows us to strategically map out plans to overtake competitors in search engine optimization.

Attached is an example of part of a report we made for a clients.


Part of the Audits will identify your current traffic results and the trends over times.  We can determine the effects on traffic from when different keywords were entered and different trends.  This allows us to identify when to push more ad spend based on seasons or on different external events that may take place.

Site Audit Overview

Each client will have different marketing needs.  However, every single business in the world is sales focused, or else they simply are not in business, or will not be for long.  It is evident that maintaining a strong online presence is key if businesses want to remain relevant and thrive in any industry.  We base each audit on the specific needs of our client along with an actionable game plan and strategy that we will implement to get our clients the results that they desire.


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